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Sustainability in mind: Floatride Energy Grow

Reebok’s Floatride Energy Grow and Sir Fruit brings you the best “running duo”

Reebok Cape Town Tech Rep and founder of CREWRUNNERS Callan Pearce and Sir Fruit Junior Brand Coordinator Chipasha, get together and talk about the good you put on and in your body.

The Floatride Energy Grow and Sir Fruit Beetroot juice are being called the best “running duo” as they are exactly what your body needs from head-to-toe.

More about the DUO

Our award-winning Floatride Energy, GROW iteration is made with over 50% plant-based material. All while still delivering lightweight responsive cushioning, durability and traction. Created with both your run and our planet in mind.

Sir Fruits’ Beetroot juice is packed with all essential nutrients and a great source of fibre, and crammed with vitamins C, B9, magnesium, and iron. But let Cal and Chipasha get into what makes this duo work.

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