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Reebok Reviews: Nano X the ultimate training shoe

Nano X the best-selling training shoe at

As the saying goes, summer bodies are made, well, when you’re ready to get up and get training! Running, HIIT, or the good ol’ box workouts, the Nano X is the ultimate and only training shoe you’ll need. It’s not known as the most versatile training shoe for nothing. #FACTS

Our Tech Rep Callan Pearce explains how the Nano X, stretch flexweave which gives you great adaptability throughout your training. It has amazing versatility to support all your movements, like the midsole cushion area that provides great runability. Also, find out more about our key feature, the meta split.

Reebok has a great range of training shoes to choose from, plus make sure you have the correct training shorts, t-shirts, and accessories to match.

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