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Running the Reebok way

We are all about our community here at Reebok, and our community starts with you. We thrive on building relationships with both like-minded people and communities that like to #SportTheUnexpected and stand out from the pack. Enter CREWRUNNERS. A local Cape Town based running community that is all about giving their community the best running experience, on the last Saturday of every month.

This “RUNN” community is the essence of high energy. A little like our Forever Floatride Energy running shoes…do you see why we like them so much?! Check out the Floatride Energy review with CrewRunners leader Cal Pearce, and Chiropractor Dr. Luchelle Prinsloo

Oops, did we forget to mention the part where you get to HIIT in a different part of the city, every month!? CREWRUNNERS is the best of both running and HIIT training, with unexpected levels of complexity and fun. It’s about changing the “I have to run today” kinda thoughts into the “I get to run today” thoughts. It’s about building an epic culture that keeps you coming back for more. It’s not about the marathon here at Reebok, it’s about the journey. And your journey is our journey. We’re just bringing the energy.

You know by now that we like to do things a little differently around here, at Reebok. From testing out our latest running footwear to earning your official Reebok CREWRUNNERS t-shirt, Reebok running is nothing short of high energy. To give you the best experience for all your running needs #RUNNReebokZa @crewrunners_sa

Want to join the CREW contact them @crewrunners_sa on the gram or CREWRUNNERS South Africa on Facebook.


  1. Siyaam Ebrahim Siyaam Ebrahim

    how does one join the crew runners community

    • Hay hay, you can reach out to them on the socials – @crewruuners_sa on insta and CREWRUNNERS SOUTH AFRICA on FB.

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