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Meet Nano X4

The latest design innovations bring you a top tier training shoe that’s lightweight and breathable without sacrificing durability.

Added ventilation areas and a knit upper offer more airflow for all-day wear.

A streamlined design strips excess weight without sacrificing stability or durability.

An improved Lift and Run Chassis system creates greater heel stability when lifting.

A Flexweave material upper meets a rubber outsole reinforced in the center zone.

Back at it again in the latest in the Reebok Nano collection, the Reebok Nano X4 is now more lightweight and breathable for a distraction-free workout. To reduce excess weight when designing the Nano X4, we removed unnecessary bulk in the shoe, resulting in a shoe that doesn’t feel as heavy when doing speed work without compromising on fit and structure. To improve breathability in these training shoes, we added a strategic mid-foot ventilation panel in adding to ventilation around the toes to keep your feet cool throughout the workout and after.

To make Nano X4 premium lifting shoes with stability in mind, we streamlined the external heel clip to counter heavy weight by keeping you balanced and added denser padding around the ankle collar for a locked-in fit when lifting or doing sled pushes. To make these lifting shoes even more versatile, we improved the Lift and Run Chassis internal midsole plate technology. It adapts to the workout by expanding to a dome shape for cushioning when running and flattening for stability when lifting.

Nano X4 is also durable—the upper is knit with Reebok’s flexible, resilient, lightweight and breathable Flexweave® material. And the outsole is made with high quality rubber reinforced in the high-wear center zone and Ropepro technology on the medial sides of the shoe for extra grip during rope climbs.

And to top it off, Nano X4 training shoes are designed with the ultimate comfort. Floatride Energy Foam in the midsole cushions each step, dense foam prevents rubbing, a flexible toe box allows room for all movement and the breathability means your feet won’t overheat mid-workout. You won’t need to break these in—and—they’re training shoes you can comfortably wear all day to the gym and beyond.

The Nano X4 is the ultimate training partner for athletes and wellness enthusiasts of all kinds,” says Tal Short, Product Director at Reebok. “We designed the Nano X4 to focus on lightweight breathability and premium performance style, removing the unnecessary components and material overlays so you can seamlessly transition from an intense gym workout to all-day wear in comfort.

Recommended Workouts with Reebok Nano X4

Engineered to be one of most lightweight and breathable Nanos yet, Nano X4 allows you the freedom to switch it up and lean into any kind of fitness challenge. Lace them up for Cross-Fit workouts. Wear these to studio group fitness classes to support lifting and jumping. Put them on for any kind of gym set. Lift, run, spin, jump, squat, lunge, push, climb ropes — you name it. After all, they’re the official shoe of fitness.

We added strategic mid-foot ventilation zones in addition to zones around the toes, so your feet don’t overheat during workouts.

We removed unnecessary bulk to reduce the weight of the shoe without compromising on fit, durability and stability.

A streamlined external heel clip counters weight to keep you balanced, and denser padding around the ankle offers a locked-in fit when lifting or pushing.

The upper is knit with Reebok’s innovative, resilient, lightweight and breathable Flexweave material.

The Lift and Run Chassis internal midsole plate technology adapts by expanding to a dome shape for cushioning when running and flattening for stability when lifting.

No need to break these in. Floatride Energy foam cushions each step, dense foam prevents rubbing and a roomy toe box allows flexion for all movement.

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