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Reebok got to catch up with artist and musician, SimulationRxps, to get to know him more

RBK: So, Sim, tell us a bit more about yourself and your interests?

Sim: My name is Simbulele Ngumla a musician from KwaLanga which is a township in Cape Town. I grew up with both my parents and my 3 siblings. I’m big into soccer and basketball plus occasionally I get into outdoor activities.

RBK: When did you start making music? And how would you describe your music making process?

Sim: I started making music late into my high school years probably around grade 11 but really took my craft serious in 2018/19. My music making process differs depending on the song, sometimes I can finish a whole song in hours and sometimes I will come up with the chorus then shop it around to see how people react to it before I finish off the rest of the song.

RBK: Your top 5 artists?

Sim: Damn this list changes all the time but right now it’s Kendrick Lamar, Brent Faiyaz, Drake, K.O & Samthing Soweto

RBK: Your top 5 tips for any upcoming artist?

Sim: 1. Find your pocket, don’t just hop on trends

           2. Be persistent

           3. Study the game

           4. Stress is good, but your mental health is more important

           5. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else does

RBK: How did you find out about Reebok and what does being a Movement Maker mean to you?

Sim: Always knew about Reebok and since I’ve worked at Sportmans Warehouse and Totalsports before, I got the chance to know more about them from their different shoes to their apparel. Being a Movement Maker to me mean I’m on the right path just need to keep pushing and be consistent plus it means I’m starting to inspire others the same way I was inspired, very honored

RBK: Your favourite Reebok sneaker? And why?

Sim: Definitely has to be the new Eames Club C 85 sneaker I recently got wow super comfortable and I’m a big fan of the low cuts sneakers. It fits with my style and I’m in NEED of that black one.


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