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Meet Kayleigh, a soccer player and fitness enthusiast currently based in Jozi. Reebok got the chance to catch up with Kayleigh and find out more about her

RBK: So, Kayleigh, when did you start playing soccer and how did you pick up the sport?

KAY: I started playing soccer when I was 11 years old. I grew up in a time where we as kids would run around in the complex and play until the sun went down. Being around brothers and being a feisty little girl meant I was always up for a challenge. That’s where I started kicking a ball and fell in love with it . I never really fancied make up or dresses or Barbies or anything that couldn’t challenge me or my personality.

RBK: Your top 5 soccer players?

Marta Vieira da Silva
Mia Hamm
Adel Taarabt
Lionel Messi

RBK: What exercises do you enjoy doing the most and why?

KAY: SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS ! The reason as to why I enjoy it is inevitable (who wouldn’t love doing squats 😉 🍑

RBK: How did you find out about Reebok and what does being a Movement Maker mean to you?

KAY: I remember growing up, Reebok was already marketed as a brand EVERYWHERE. Some great athletes wore them and all i wanted was a pair of Reebok trainers . When I got my first pair (Reebok Classics) , they were not only trendy and easy on the feet but they were so durable and I could still wear them as an adult years later. #Respect

Think big ! Dream bigger . Embrace the God-sized dream inside of you ! Be innovative , be different , be YOU. Embrace your beliefs and opinions without fear of acceptance and invest whatever it may take into allowing the vision to materialise♥️ There is a huge power in the abilities of the youth we have. Nothing can match the the idealism , creativity and courage of the young people . When they are empowered they become active contributors , collaborators and movement makers to create an impact around the world. That’s exactly what being a movement maker means to me.

RBK: Your favourite Reebok sneaker? And why?

KAY: The old school Reebok Classic is my favourite of all time. They are super comfortable and can be worn with practically anything. I’m sure they will never go out of style !

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